The clean, green,
electricity machine.

If only there was an infinite supply of natural, clean, green energy, ready to be tapped 24/7.  There is.  You’re standing on it.

And GeothermEx has been getting it out of the ground since 1973.

Our work is all about what lies beneath.  We explore, assess, drill, test, model and quantify the foundational element of every geothermal project:  the resource itself.  We also enable another key element:  funding.  By collaboratively working with project developers and their investors and financiers, GeothermEx enables projects to be built and operated with confidence.  Our due diligence has resulted in more than $14 billion in project investments and 8.5 GW of power, more than half of the world’s operating geothermal capacity today.  The GeothermEx Report is the de facto gold standard for geothermal investments.

We believe in and actively promote geothermal in its many useful and environmentally friendly forms, and we are ready to facilitate a major expansion of the only 24/7 source of clean, renewable energy:  geothermal.

World Geothermal Congress

The World Geothermal Conference 2020+1 on-site event includes 11 sessions and over 100 speakers as well as extensive social activities, courses, etc.

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Our talks at the WGC

Ann Robertson-Tait

Session 47B
Oct 25 10:20am

The United States of America Country Update — Electric Power Generation

The 3.7 GWe of geothermal power in the United States is installed in eight states and covers the spectrum of geothermal resource types and power plant technologies. With deep involvement from the private, public and academic sectors, existing projects and anticipated growth in new geographies and geologic domains are described and quantified in this paper.

Ann Robertson-Tait

Session 50A
Oct 26, 8:20am

Geothermal Power Generation in the World 2015-2020 Update Report

Since 2015, the amount of geothermal power throughout the world has increased by 27%, representing nearly 3.7 GW of clean, baseload power. The amount of power generated increased by more than 29%, from 73,550 to 95,100 GW-hours per year, a testament to increased efficiency of geothermal power cycles. For the past 5 years, about 230 geothermal wells have been drilled per year. These increases are on a par with previous trends, but the geothermal sector is entering a new period of growth.

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